Our history

In the beginning

http://www.sangabrielnm.org/wp-content/gallery/Pentecost-2016/SGA_Anniv_2016-1-22.jpgSan Gabriel’s early history as a mission under the aegis of St Michael and All Angels was summarized in a sermon by the Reverend Daniel Gutierrez, delivered in May 2014:

You worried about money, people, questioning why you were undertaking this journey. St. Michael’s was just fine!  Yet your message of hope, acceptance and forgiveness touched ears and lives where other voices and other places could not.  From that first service in a living room on the Westside, where we all tripped over one another during communion, to the Spiritual Renewal Center before it became the Bosque Center.

Paradise Hills Community Center, All Apostles, the Church/Karate Hall, the south Corrales strip mall. Folding chairs, makeshift altars, borrowed Books of Common Prayer. Nothing could stop your message of God’s love. Not faulty buildings, bad leases, intolerance, lack of money, or landlords.

Hope when the world was telling you to fear. Discovery when everyone else was saying wait. And you lived the Gospel. When people were saying those people are not welcome, you created a home for them. And your story continues in this place.

“YES” for parish status

On 11 September 2012, Bishop Vono and the Diocesan Council voted unanimously to grant San Gabriel parish status! On 18 October 2012, at the Diocesan Convention, San Gabriel was acclaimed a parish.

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